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Daytona Beach Criminal Attorney

Defending Criminal Cases in Daytona Beach

Buckmaster Law has garnered a reputation as a zealous advocate for those who are caught in the criminal justice system. If you are facing criminal charges in Daytona Beach, the first step you need to take is getting legal representation from a skilled Daytona Beach criminal defense lawyer with a proven record in court. Our lawyers are personally committed to each client and their case. We work tirelessly to help our clients fight to avoid convictions as well as the penalties that will come with them.

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Our team understands that each case requires an immediate analysis of the situation to determine how we can defend the case. We carefully comb through every detail of the evidence that the prosecutor has in order to find our best approach in defending you. We are passionate about defending criminal cases and we will take your case personally. Our lawyers know how frightening it is to be accused of a serious criminal offense and will counsel you, guide you, and protect your rights from the moment you are arrested.

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When your future is on the line, you simply cannot afford to work with an attorney that is less than fully devoted to your case. At our firm, we are not only dedicated to your case, but we also prepared to go the distance in their efforts to defend it. When you are dealing with something that can have such profound of an impact on your future, you need to be sure that you are doing everything possible to defend against it. Reasons to choose Buckmaster Law include:

  • Seasoned litigators
  • Former prosecutor
  • Client-focused representation
  • Experienced in State and Federal court
  • 9.1 Superb Avvo Rating

Many individuals are thrown into confusion when they are accused of a criminal offense, whether a DUI offense or a serious felony. As a former Assistant State Attorney, our founder has a profound understanding of how criminal cases move through the system, how prosecutors think, and how they will present their case in an effort to convict. This insight can be of great benefit to our clients in defending their case, and we work to stay one step ahead and find the flaws in the case that we can bring to the attention of the court and jury when defending you. By working with a Daytona Beach criminal defense attorney from our firm, you can be confident knowing that you have an advocate on your side that is fully dedicated to helping you to obtain the just outcome that you deserve.

Hard-Hitting Defense Strategies for All Charges

Even a person who is completely innocent of charges could be convicted without a passionate and talented defender. We are proud of our record in defending all types of criminal charges, including but not limited to defending DUI, including serious multiple DUI cases. We are well versed in the DUI process and the types of defenses to employ in a felony DUI or DUI & drugs case. We have successfully defended clients facing charges of domestic violence, drug crimes, including drug possession, drug distribution, and drug trafficking, as well as assisting in an expungement when you need to clean your criminal record.

We defend individuals facing federal crimes, and have extensive knowledge about the federal court system and how to guide our client through the process and fight for their defense. We address cases of probation violations, sex crimes, child pornography, sexual abuse, child abuse, internet crimes, juvenile crimes, and all theft crimes, including burglary, robbery, and shoplifting. We defend violent crimes, white collar crimes, and can help those who failed to get justice in appeals. We will move quickly to resolve matters surrounding warrants and bench warrants and aggressively seek to help them avoid incarceration. We advise you to contact our firm as soon after being arrested as possible, and to thoroughly refuse to answer questions from investigators until we arrive to protect you and begin the process of your defense.

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When facing criminal court, you want to ensure that you have a seasoned defense lawyer that is comfortable when presenting your case, is never intimidated, and can use courtroom talent to sway the jury in your favor. You need a Daytona Beach criminal attorney from Buckmaster Law! Call now at (888) 785-6548 to contact us and learn exactly how we can build your defense.

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